How’s Business Guys?

I had a question on an auction the other day from a guy wanting to brighten up his rig with a modded Tubescreamer I have listed.

With the John Key economy only helping out the poor old millionaires and every one else struggling to get by business is pretty slow and of course the temptation

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Contact Me!

At long last I have decided to have a separate website to support my Trademe auction listings and another website to sell direct to my customers. Trademe takes 7.5% of each sale as a success fee and in the current market this means that I either have to increase my prices or take the hit.

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New Website

I thought it was time I modded my website so I’ve got the latest version of WordPress and added a few nice widgets and have been flat out like a lizard drinking adding content.

There’s still a long way to go with the different mods etc but give me a chance and we’ll be all

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Will You Send Me Your Mod As A Kit?

No. There is a difference between learning and teaching. I’m a good learner. I don’t have the time to set up kit instructions and I do not have enough spare time to devote any time to answering technical questions from DIY installations gone

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Can I collect from you at your address?

No. I live in a remote rural setting and it’s simply not practical. How remote? Coming from Auckland you are looking at a 75 minute drive from Manukau City Centre, from south you are looking at a 75 minute drive from Te Rapa.

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Can I try before I buy?

No. That’s not the way Trademe is set up to work. Sellers are restricted form giving out contact details so there is no practical way of arranging such a deal though the auction process. If you want to ‘Try before you Buy’ I suggest going to a retail outlet rather than an auction website.


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