Pedal Mod Kit – Vox 847 Deluxe All Mods

vox 847 mod

Vox 847 Fully Modded

Due to popular demand I am now offering all of my top selling Vox 847 Mods in 1 package.

The Mod Kit applies to your Vox 847 wah, not the newer 847a.

First your pedal is converted to True Bypass to get the best from it. This includes a high quality 3PDT switch sourced from the USA and FULL REMOVAL of the input buffer components. This is an essential mod to these Wah pedals as without them the input buffer sucks your tone when the pedal is disengaged.

Next your pedal is given the Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Mod.

This mod does the following:
Gain and bass response is increased.
My volume boost mod is applied.
Vocal mod is installed to give more vocal quality to the wah.
My midrange boost mod is then installed which helps if your pedal sounds dull or muted when rocked back and forwards.
JH-1 mod – changes the values of capacitor to turn the GCB-95 into the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah.

Next the pedal is modified to accept a standard Boss style power adapter and fitted with my super bright blue ON/OFF LED mod.

Sounds samples are at

The mods come with a full 36 month warranty on parts, labour & postage. If there are any problems simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back & refund your shipping costs.

Turn around is within 5 days of receiving pedal.

Check my feedback for wah pedal mods

“Excellent!!! The mod for the wah has improved the pedal significantly. I am very pleased and would recommend Dave to anyone needing a pedal modded. Will trade again I am sure. AAAAAA++++++” opsguy auction 126788536 Dunlop Crybaby Voodoo Chile mod and True Bypass.

“Amazing… Dave you are a magician, my wah pedal is better than i had expected. Thank you for the fast turnaround and great communication… Just brilliant!!!! ” vyell Auction #154060397 Dunlop Crybaby Voodoo Chile mod, LED and True Bypass

Questions welcome but please check my FAQ here first:

GST invoice avail on request.

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