Dexter Mods MXR Distortion + ‘Stallion Mode’ Mod

MXR Dist+ Stallion Mode & True Bypass

MXR Dist+ Stallion Mode & True Bypass - Click to see larger image

**Note: This Mod will affect the problems with this pedal’s tone**

The newer MXR Distortion + pedals are great sellers due to their history but suffer two problems due to their new design.

The first problem is that when you boost the gain your tone is affected in a negative way. Secondly the pedal suffers from a lack of volume. The Dexter Mods Stallion Mode mod fixes both these problems.

The problem with this pedal is that t Gain control also acts as a Tone control so it’s muddy down low and thin when you boost it. Some people don’t mind this, so this mod is obviously not for them.

The pedal also lacks enough output and fails to cut through when you kick it in.

The Dexter Mods MXR Distortion + Stallion Mode Mod does wonders to the pedal.

Firstly it solves the output problem. Secondly bass response is improved. Thirdly the clipping diodes are upgraded to give a smoother more compressed sound and better tube like dynamics than the stock fuzzy sound. Fourth, the stock Red LED is replaced with a Bright Blue LED.

Finally the pedal is fitted with a brand new 9 Volt Battery.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.

GST invoice available on request.



Feedback for this mod

Dexter Mods: “Seriously professional modding service, the best results from the services required, highly recommended trader A +++++”

— raid0 Auction #216758392, Trademe

Dexter Mods Sheepdip & Drench Mod: “Excellent service! The pedal is great, makes such a difference compared to the standard Boss DS-1…”

— Telefeller, Trademe

Great trade, prompt efficient service. Many thanks!

— spacemanc #330618678, Trademe