Dexter Mods Big Muff ‘Pumpkin Soup’ Mod

Big Muff Pumpkin Soup Mod

Big Muff Pumpkin Soup Mod

Here it is, the Dexter Mods Pumpkin Soup Mod to the Russian Re-Issue Black Box Big Muff.

Please note if your Russian Big Muff is an older unit the input and output jacks may also need replacing as the quality of some of these were very poor – these are not included with this mod kit installation and will be extra.

This mod re-creates the sound Billy Corgan used on Siamese Dream. Corgan is reported to have used a modded Russian Big Muff (otherwise known as a Creamy Dreamer) to get that sound and this pedal is as close as I can get to it.

The mod gives a big assed bottom end fuzz with mile after mile of sustain and a nice top end as well.

This is currently my favorite pedal to play with, much to the annoyance of the beef and sheep in the surrounding paddocks.

The mod consists of changing several capacitor and resistor values and I’ve also add a 9 volt power supply socket as well.

This mod includes an ORANGE L.E.D instead of stock red L.E.D and a brand new 9 volt battery.

I always add a general warning when sending back the Big Muff with this m0d. The Pumpkin Soup mod adds serious gain to your signal and when using it for the first time you MUST turn all the knobs to zero, then bring the level up to around 12 o’clock, then bring the other knobs up slowly. A friend with this mod described as sounding like ‘a rabid baboon with a festering hemorrhoid” and that it needed nailing to the floor. Not quite, but you get the picture.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.

The mod is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive your pedal back simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

GST invoice available on request.



Feedback for this Mod

Dexter Mods Big Muff Pumpkin Soup Mod: “I was at Daves house getting a pedal serviced the other day, and had a go on this pedal, this thing rips! Ive played the unmodded EHX Big Muff, and the difference is huge, the sound is much fuller and has heaps of depth, while holding the tone of your guitar. The orange light is pretty epic too!”

— horstachiotm, Trademe

Dexter Mods Big Muff Pumpkin Soup Mod: “Wow. Love this mod! Fantastic trade, fantastic mod!”

— muzzle auction #230572262, Trademe