Dexter Mods Belcat Delay DLY-303 ‘Extra Delay’ Mod

Belcat DLY 303 Delay Mod

Belcat DLY 303 Delay Mod

The Belcat 303 has a great warm analog sound and is one of Belcat’s better pedals, unfortunately it only has a maximum of 350ms of delay. The Dexter Mod to this pedal adds a switch to select either stock delay from 150ms to 350ms or up to 600ms of delay.

The kit includes all hardware, resistors, wiring, and includes a free installation of the mod kit.

Also included is a brand new 9 volt battery.

This is the only Belcat pedal I mod and this is the only mod I perform on it.

I’ve seen other mods where this has been copied but doesn’t include the switch which indicates it’s not a good hack. The pedal is made with SMD components, which are tricky for the novice to work with. Most hacks of this mod simply replace the parts with  SMD parts which explains why the hacked mod isn’t switchable. The Dexter Mod on the Belcat DLY 303 uses regular parts so the mod can be made switchable.

SMD mods are generally troublesome and unreliable, and that’s why the world’s top modders avoid doing them. There are no special parts needed, just a pair of tweezers and a good soldering iron but the failure rate is considered too high. With the kind of warranty I place on my mods I would prefer someone else taking the risks with your precious pedals, as long as you do 🙂

The mod is guaranteed. If there are any problems when you receive the pedal simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Turn around is within 5 days of receiving pedal.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.

GST invoice available on request.



Feedback for this mod

Dexter Mods Belcat 303 Extra Delay Mod: “I can rely on Dave to have my pedals delivered on time and sounding great. The modded delay sounds huge.”

— demonknight auction #156735680, Trademe

Fantastic trader – prompt contact and very easy to deal with. Pedal arrived sooner than I expected and is sounding great. Would definitely trade again!

— nickandjess #302458051, Trademe