Dexter Mods Ibanez MS-10 Metal Charger ‘New Screamer’ Mod

Ibanez MS-10 Metal Charger

Ibanez MS-10 Metal Charger

The MS-10 was designed specifically to recreate the tonality of large British amplifiers but the sound is too muddy and the distortion squeals like a baboon with a hemorrhoid. The circuit itself makes this a nice pedal to tweak up to great sounds. The Dexter Mods ‘New Screamer’ mod on the MS-10 tames the wooly beast inside and brings out the hidden pedigree. Think classic rock rather than metal.

At the same time the harsh brittle distortion is reigned in replacing it with a more overdrive like sound with fuller and thicker clipping.

The end sonic result is a great overdrive pedal, that works as well on bass as it does on guitar.

The mod includes an extra bright Green LED and a brand new 9 volt battery.

Sound Sample


Recorded with a Fender 62 Relic Strat neck pick up, Orange Rocker Tube Combo amp on clean channel.

Take 1 Clean Fender then Stock MS10 then modded MS10

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