Cry Baby & Vox Wah Replacement Drop In Boards

Vox & Dunlop Wah Replacement Boards

Vox & Dunlop Wah Replacement Boards

I landed 7 of these in a recent auction and ended up buying the entire stock the seller had. There was some interest from others so I will sell off a couple that I don’t need.

These fit snuggly inside a modern Crybaby GCB-95. Before sending I will solder in the male loom pins.

I have fitted one to a prototype I’m building based around a revision f board, it required redrilling the existing jack holes to 12.5mm holes to fit the jack nuts as they are a different diameter to the stock jacks, and one of the jacks need to be filed down by about 2 mm to make an easy fit. The power socket lines up with whole in the Crybaby shell (as long as the original had a PCB mounted 9 volt socket).

I will test these in earlier Crybaby wahs and report back later.

A quick perusal of the components indicates these are a Crybaby clone board fitted with higher grade parts, 1% resisters and decent capacitors. Haven’t tested the sound of them yet, a tad busy. Pretty optimistic with them though. The circuit is pretty simple and hard to get wrong.

The prototype I am testing is wired with true bypass (I modded the board to fully removed the input buffer working off a schematic). I haven’t modded any other part of the circuit yet but these would definitely be suitable for trying your hand at modding wahs.

I’ll do my Voodoo Mod on the prototype later today and report back on how it sounds.

I’ve not seen anything like these offered on Trademe before, and it’s not likely that there will be anymore so when these are gone, that will be it.

If you want these modded with the Dextermods Voodoo Chile mod before sending add $40.

Comes with no instructions or wiring diagrams and by bidding you confirm that you are capable of fitting these as a DIY project.

GST Invoice available on request.

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