Online Parts Sources

Online Parts Sources

Online Parts Sources

People ask me where I source my parts from.

There are one or two main suppliers that have the bulk of the things I need and the other stuff, i.e. the nard to find stuff, takes a bit of time and effort with Google.

My main two overseas stores are Small Bear and Effects Connection. Small Bear has just about everything you need and Effects Connection covers the rest.

Overseas Stores

Small Bear (for almost everything)

Effects Connection (for nearly everything else)

Mojo (great for hard to find capacitors)

Locally there are a couple of good stores for most of your needs. Dick Smith is always handy and is good for electronic tools and solder and so on. Jaycar are also very good and have a better stock of higher quality lines than Dick Smith. Jaycar have good quality caps and resistors a well as heavy duty foot switchs and aluminum enclosures.

Also try these local outlets:



Guitar Parts

Single Coil

RS Components Ltd


If all else fails then I’m afraid to say it’s off to Ebay. You can get pretty much anything there, but you’ll pay for shipping. Stick with the bigger sellers and you’ll find the cost is worth it though.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

U 2 eh. Lot’s of time, patience and perseverance will get you there every time. And a credit card 🙂