UK Traveller’s Kit, UK Modem, UK SIM Card, etc

UK Travel Pack - Click to see larger image

UK Travel Pack - Click to see larger image

Part of my Spring Clean Sale.

For Sale here is a kit for those traveling to the UK.

Included is a Vodafone UK Pay as you go broadband modem. This came with 1 gig of data and has around 200 meg left. When that is used it’s a 15 quid top up for another 1 gig of data. I used this on a recent trip to Scotland, Lancashire, Cambridge and London and had no problems getting connected. Original packing and manuals. New these are 50 quid.

Also included is a Vodafone UK prepaid Sim Card, you can top this up as easy as you do for a NZ Sim card – gas stations, Tescos etc. original packing and manuals.

Also included is a good quality NZ to UK plug adapter _ I bought this at Dick Smiths before leaving NZ and it cost $18.

I’ll throw in 2 Oyster Cards for travel on London public transport, buses and tubes etc. You top these up at 7 quid a day and travel as much as you like – they include a 3 quid refund if you get time to return them, we didn’t 🙁

Plus as a bonus a power jack for Europe. Works in Italy for certain, and other European destinations as well.

Questions are welcome but please read my FAQ first, also check out my Spring Clean Sale FAQ.

GST Invoice available