The Gear of Kevin Shields


August 16, 2012

By Daniel Brooks
My Bloody Valentine is a magnificent noise, an astonishing balance of the visceral and the atmospheric, a beautiful barrage of rock-solid pop slathered in ethereal commotion. Rooted in melodic songwriting that would certainly stand on its own in any form, the band elevated the sonic experience

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Fender Champion 600 Mod

Red MIJ Squire 1993 and Modded Fender Champion 600

I don’t mod amps as a rule. Pedals are my thing. But a little Fender Champion 600 came along on Trademe the other day at a really good price and I was tempted enough to hit the Buy Now button and get it sent up. It arrived this morning.

The Champion is a one knob

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Putting it all together

Deja VU & Nico, Live at Waikaretu, Feb 2012

All the pedal modding is great fun and gives me untold hours of pleasure just tweaking pedals and mods to get the best out of them but at the end of the day you do tend to ask ‘What’s it

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