How not to negotiate… auction #247758229

Sometimes trades just go bad and when they do there is usually a small window of opportunity to fix them. Both the buyer and the seller have to be reasonable and see things from the other guys perspective and work together to seek a solution that works for both parties.

I recently had a huge

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Spring Clean 2009

I’ve had a bit of a spring clean around the old farm house and have decided to clear out the clutter. My two spare rooms are full of wonderful items I have collected over the years and digging through them was great fun.

However a lot of this stuff will never be used by me.

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Spring Clean Sale Collection F.A.Q

I’m having a huge clean out of stuff on Trademe at present.

I usually don’t allow collections because I live in a remote rural location in the depths of Franklin. The nearest street light is 14 kilometers away. The local gas station is

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