Dexter Mods EHX Soul Food ‘Wild Turkey’ Pedal

Dexter Mods Wild Turkey

Dexter Mods Wild Turkey

I got a call the other day from one of NZ’s top stage managers asking me to have a look at a pedal he thought I might be able to do some upgrades to.

It was the Electro Harmonix Soul Food pedal which has been receiving rave reviews by people looking to get into the Klon Centaur ballpark for less than $2000 the originals sell for.

I got hold of a few of the pedals and started working on making them better.

The first problem is the pedal is all SMD parts rather than ‘hole through’ which makes mods very difficult and risky, so any mods are not for the faint of heart.

The Centaur works so well because it’s creates two signals, a driven signal and a slightly tainted boost.

The Soul Food is let down by not having enough bass and mids so ends up sounding too thin and ‘rizzy’.

It took some time but I worked out what the problems were and after some road testing by some good ears I got a really great sounding pedal out of this.

It’s taken the place of my old black box Marhsall Guv’nor on my board and is making it’s way onto pedal boards of people I know who have tested it and rate it highly.

Along with the important audio upgrades I also replace the cheap and nasty stock knobs and put my died in the wool blue LED. Comes with a 9volt battery.

The mod is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive the pedal simply return it to me, I’ll service it and send it back.

Here’s a youtube clip of a couple of mates playing with one of the Wild Turkey Soul Food pedals.

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