How’s Business Guys?

I had a question on an auction the other day from a guy wanting to brighten up his rig with a modded Tubescreamer I have listed.

With the John Key economy only helping out the poor old millionaires and every one else struggling to get by business is pretty slow and of course the temptation that we see others resort to is to tell the customer any old thing to get a sale, any sale.

But that’s just not the right thing to do.

So I told this guy the truth and let the sale slip away. I think integrity is important when you are selling. Actually I think integrity is important, full stop.



Which makes me wonder why I got this from Trademe this morning.

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Dear Dave,
We notice that you have been listing your contact details in your member profile on Trade Me.

We’ve now removed your profile so you can create a new one, as we don’t allow members to exchange their contact details on the site. We have this policy in place for a number of reasons, but mainly for your protection.

Please note that your Trade Me membership is still active on the site, and it is only your profile (information about yourself) that has been removed.

If you’ve got any questions regarding this policy please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to discuss this with you.

As you can’t reply directly to this email please contact us using the below link:

[Link Removed]

Alternatively, to have your questions answered instantly, you can contact Trade Me via 0900 TRADE (0900 87233). Please be aware, calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute.



Trade Me Support

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I have no idea what the hell was wrong with my profile, it hadn’t changed in a long time.

I suppose business for the other pedal modder dudes out there is slow as well.

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