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At long last I have decided to have a separate website to support my Trademe auction listings and another website to sell direct to my customers. Trademe takes 7.5% of each sale as a success fee and in the current market this means that I either have to increase my prices or take the hit. Neither of these options are acceptable.

I know a lot of other sellers are cutting back on their costs and providing a more basic and less attractive service, but that’s not acceptable either.

So from now on you can contact me and buy products and services from this website. I am adding a full shopping cart and will add the products over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime contact details are (Email is my preferred contact method)

Phone contact is 027 281 2649 (Please note I do not have cellphone coverage where I live so if you send a text it may take a day or two before I answer it)

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